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In an effort to make the Weber Fraternal of Police, a better-understood and known organization, I am reaching out to all law enforcement who may not know what our organization does. The Weber FOP is focused on our community of agencies and the citizens we serve. We represent e Sworn Officers in Weber and Morgan Counties and are an open lodge to any Officer in the State of Utah.

Being a part of a national organization, we have a lot of resources available to take advantage of. Perhaps the most important thing we offer our members is legal service and protection. Our State Legal plan is even better than the national plan. Where you are covered under the extra duty (extra cost for the national plan) on the state plan with some additional benefits. This is important if you were to be involved in the use of force, specifically shooting your weapon, and the possible legal ramifications. This legal protection also provides representation during administrative investigations. In addition, there is an option to have time off without pay, reimbursed through our legal plan.

You deserve the same legal protections as the citizens are afforded.

Another significant benefit is that they are your advocates and lobbyists in the very political world. The national level is working in Washington D.C. to protect, serve, and represent you to the nation. On the state level, they represent you to the State legislators and are working on fixing the poorly implemented Tier 2 retirement, and addressing other local state issues.

You can find benefits in travel and item purchases. We have the National FOP journal providing information to our members. We have national and local events, including participating in Police Week, hosted in our nation’s capital.

Education of members to better their careers. They assist in obtaining a college degree at a reduced price for you and your family. There are limitations, but what a great resource to get your education going. They also provide continuing education courses.

We want to serve you, and we're trying. There are more great things coming. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, thank you.


Darick Fisher
Weber Fraternal Order of Police, Utah's first lodge.

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Retiree - Membership 03-16-2023

Below are links to resources indicated on the Utah FOP website for additional information.

Legal Plan

Retiree Legal Plan Info

  • Legal coverage for use of force in furtherance of LEOSA (HR 218).
  • $250,000 of attorney fees in civil defense of lawsuit arising from use of force related to LEOSA.
  • Same criminal coverage as regular off-duty coverage offered in the active officer legal plan (see the legal tab), up to $20,000. (Excludes acts of corruption).
  • POST administrative coverage for as long as you are under the dis-linearly purview of POST (up to 4 years after separation from active service).
  • Plan costs $310 per year. If you exit retirement and go back to active duty, then your plan coverage defaults to that of active officers as both plans cost the same.

Retiree Insurance Info - Thin Blue Line Benefits


Mental Health Program


FOP Benefits Page


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The Grand Lodge - National Fraternal Order of Police