Dale Cobb had a good job, was successful and enjoying his life. He worked hard and like to party as his reward. He had married twice in his life, his second wife being his true love. They were expecting their first child together when his wife and unborn child were killed by a drunk driver. Dale had a series of traumatic events in a short period of time, including losing both his son and brother in a car accident after his wife’s death. In his mind, he thought God took his family to teach him a lesson and he spiraled out of control.

Dale has been homeless since 1996. He was briefly housed at one point, which resulted with him reentering homelessness. Fast forward to 2018, when Anna and Ron Davidson met Dale through their (now closed) café on 25th St. They spent the past 2 years working with Dale, helping him learn new coping skills and talking about his traumatic life. Through this relationship building, Dale quit drinking and has been actively working on bettering himself.

Anna met Heather through Jessie Jeans. Heather is an amazing lady with a heart of gold, and her passion is helping people rise above their circumstances. She heard Dale’s story and immediately started working on a solution.  Heather works for a property management company and has her eyes on a single wide mobile home that needs some TLC. Heather jumped into action and started finding ways to make this trailer Dale’s forever home. She has been working on gifting Dale the single wide trailer and after six painstaking months, Heather was finally able to offer this gift to Dale. The home has good bones but needs lots of work. As a requirement from the property owner, Dale must bring the mobile home to park standards.

Dale is on social security and has a limited income. This is where we need help making this a livable home for Dale.