Sanitizer Bottles

The members of the Weber Fraternal Order of Police (Weber FOP), Weber Auxiliary, and Northern Utah Fraternal Order of Police Associates (NUFOPA) welcome you to our page.

If you're on this page it means that you have scanned the QR code from the sanitizer bottles. Below are the links to the sanitizer label that was too big for the bottles and the safety data sheet.

Drug Facts

Hand Sanitizer - Safety Data Sheet

Sanitizer was purchased from Sazerac.

Bottles were generously donated by Vivaplex.

These sanitizer bottles were put together to help ensure you're able to take care of your families. Generally speaking, agencies should be taking care of the members at work.

The Weber FOP has purchased enough sanitizer that members can refill them when needed. To arrange a refill, please contact President Fisher ([email protected]).

For those looking for a sweeter/different scent, you can add essential oils to the product. One of the distilleries stated the following "8 drops of lemongrass essential oil, per 8 ounces of sanitizer, will sweeten the whole experience and not affect the use of the product." A word of caution though, it thickens the sanitizer and can make it difficult for the spray to come out.

How it was done


The process was started a few months back when it was hard to find and purchase sanitizer. After getting bids from a couple of companies a purchase was made and arrived a long while after.



At the same time, I was able to speak with Vivaplex who donated all of our bottles for the project.



Auxiliary members who helped fill bottles:

  • Judy Taylor
  • Brittnee Fisher

Auxiliary members who helped with labeling bottles:

  • Judy Taylor
  • Brent Taylor
  • Brittnee Fisher
  • Erin Sanford